Who we are

We are an enterprise with a clear mission to transform the cotton industry for good. We work with brands and retailers to enable them to develop a more robust and resilient cotton supply chain.

What we do

We do this by connecting brands and retailers to farmers to create a transparent supply chain, training farmers in agro-economic practices, and supporting the enhancement of farmer livelihoods and strong farming communities.

  • Our values
    We are committed to transforming the world’s cotton for good, working with brands and retailers, as well as the farmers, suppliers and partners.
  • Our impact
    Our work has helped transform the lives of over 675,000 people in cotton farming communities in four countries. By 2020 our ambition is to work to improve the livelihoods for more than a million people in cotton farming communities.
  • What we deliver
    We deliver positive outcomes – better management of risk, greater security of supply, increased productivity, better livelihoods for farmers, and positive impact on relationships and reputation.