Introducing Sustainable Lives: Mission Hope Campaign

During the COVID-19 pandemic, CottonConnect’s primary concern is for the safety and wellbeing of our teams, our implementing partners and the cotton farmers enrolled in our sustainable cotton programmes.

We feel a deep responsibility to these cotton farming communities, so our immediate response to COVID-19 was to ask these communities what they needed. As a trusted partner in the cotton communities we work with, we wanted to make sure they receive the right kind of information. They told us there is a need to increase adoption of practical measures to prevent transmission, for example through handwashing, so we drew on expertise from our Sustainable Lives programme to create a campaign – Sustainable Lives: Mission Hope.

Our Sustainable Lives: Mission Hope campaign is already underway in India and Pakistan. The campaign is currently focused on COVID-19 awareness and response. We have created Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials to be distributed via WhatsApp and social media.

  • Nine posters on topics including signs and symptoms, do’s and don’t’s, myths, addressing and reducing stigma, and handwashing. The posters are available in seven languages based on the programme locations.
  • Two short, animated, educational videos on COVID-19, with the themes 1) Sign, symptoms and prevention; and 2) Do’s and Don’t’s.

Our materials are open-source for other organisations to use to support rural communities. The first posters can be downloaded here and we will add more as they are created.

We are conducting a reach assessment of the campaign to help us continually assess the reach and effectiveness of the IEC materials, as we develop more.

We are also bringing a doctor directly to our teams and local partners via online sessions and are distributing essential supplies such as soap and PPE.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the critical importance of collaboration to solve pressing global challenges, and we are pleased to be a part of the Business Fights Poverty challenge ‘How can business support the most vulnerable in value chains and communities in the face of COVID-19?’, a global movement to accelerate local action on COVID-19, specifically with regard to providing better health information.

Download campaign materials

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